A Live Album by Luke Wallace (Mar. 8, 2018)

Luke Wallace’s new live record “Us” leverages the power of collective singing to highlight the resiliency of eight communities who are standing up for the earth and the land that sustains them. These eight songs were recorded on location all over BC, incorporating hundreds of voices of the actual people fighting to protect their homes. From resistance to the Site C Dam to communities fighting tanker expansion in the Salish Sea, Us tells a story of love and unity through the lens of frontline resistance and progressive action.

Luke Wallace

Hailing from the Coast Salish Territory known as Vancouver, BC, folk musician and activist Luke Wallace represents a global shift in environmental leadership. Whether performing at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival or fundraising for frontline communities, Luke Wallace builds bridges wherever he goes.

Luke spends his time using his music as a platform to amplify the voices of communities threatened by unjust resource extraction, and to contribute to the growing revolution spreading across the earth. Luke's "folktivism" has taken him far and wide; from France for COP21, Costa Rica where he represented his coast at a climate change conference, to roaming through Canada’s west coast and interior.

During his travels he strives to share as many stories as he can about the incredibly resilient and inspiring people fighting to protect the environments that sustain them and their communities. He believes that music and story are some of humanity’s most powerful tools and has seen firsthand their ability to inspire a shift in individuals’ and communities’ attitudes.

Luke is a part of "Come To Life Music", an artist-led music collective that utilizes musicians' voices to inspire change for humanity and the planet.


“Luke Wallace very much loves and appreciates where he comes from: BC and the Coast Salish Territory, and he defends that territory in song with passionate style. Once you hear Luke Wallace, you can imagine how well his music goes over at the folk festivals he plays. As a coastal kid myself, Luke's music certainly stirs my emotions as well. He's a true West Coast gem.” - Grant Lawrence, CBC host, author, goalie

“Armed with folk, a little rap, call and reponse, a poet's gift and a voice to deliver it all, Luke is both an artist to listen and a hope for the future.” - The Vancouver Folk Music Festival