Luke Wallace is a folk musician and activist from the Coast Salish Territory known as Vancouver, Canada. He spend his time touring the coast and planet using his music as a platform to amplify the voices of communities threatened by unjust resource extraction and to contribute to the growing revolution spreading across the earth. Luke’s folktivism has taken him all over Canada's west coast and interior, to Paris, France for COP21 and most recently to Costa Rica where he represented our coast at a conference called The Inner Dimensions of Climate Change.

During his travels, Luke shares stories and songs inspired by the incredibly resilient and inspiring people fighting to protect the environments that sustain them and their communities.

In the last three years Luke has released three independent records and toured each, in an expanding fashion, around the west coast of Canada. These records are An Opportunity (2016), Little Rivers Matter Too (2015) and The Kitimat LP (2014). Current projects includ fundraising tours for RAVEN's Pull Together Campaign in support of First Nations' court challenges of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion, and continued work addressing the deep systematic issues related to the Site C Dam proposal in the Peace River Valley.

Luke is currently working on a live album of songs recorded in a series of communities all over western North America. In each in instance, the community was invited to come and sing on the record so that, once complete, the record can act as a unifying symbol of shared experience and love for the earth. Though each community faces a different threat or challenge, their resilience and commitment is part of the ever-growing web of change happening along the west coast.